About the Product


SINTAN®Pro is an effective and unrivaled degreasing agent, known and used for nearly 30 years around the world. SINTAN®Pro is used everywhere where oil products and food fats are used.

SINTAN®Pro professionally removes contamination by petroleum products and food fats from any hardened surface – concrete, paving stones, natural stone, asphalt, metal, glass, floor coverings, plastics, all fabrics and wood.

SINTAN®Pro does not contain organic solvents or any caustic, toxic or dangerous substances, it is not flammable, has a neutral pH, does not contain additives that can change the state of the environment – for example, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, no toxic and dangerous substances are created during the wash process, which means that SINTAN®Pro can be used in premises with little to no ventilation.

  • Its main purpose is degreasing surfaces (safely)
  • It disintegrates oil into tiny particles, surrounds it and distributes it evenly in water creating rich conditions for bacterial flora.
  • It is pH neutral
  • It does NOT contain any organic solvents or other toxic and dangerous substances
  • It is a non-flammable product
  • NO toxic or dangerous substances are released while cleaning with Sintan®Pro, accordingly, it may be used in confined spaces
  • Sintan®Pro thoroughly penetrates the bed and removes oil contaminations from deeper layers of porous surfaces
  • It has a wide range of applications
  • Sintan®Pro biodegrades in a short time (less than 21 days) and meets all EU regulations in that matter
  • Sintan®Pro does NOT form stable emulsions with oils and petroleum derivatives.
Classification of the mixture: According to EC regulation No. 1272/2008 the mixture has not been classified as hazardous.
 Appearance  Liquid
 Colour  Clear
 pH  Approx. 7
 Oxidizing Properties  None
 Flammability  Noncombustible mixture
 Boiling T  101°C
 Freezing T  approx. 0°C.
 Ignition T  Not applicable
 Vapour pressure  31.6 hpa at 20°C
 Viscosity  equal to water
 Solubility in water  unlimited
 Density  1.018 kg/dcm3
 Other Information  Strongly degreasing product

Biodegradability Test – No. 8/EDS/2014/2.2/713486
Industrial Chemistry Research Institute ul. Rydygiera 8, Warszawa, Poland conducted the ultimate biodegradability testing for degreasing agent SINTAN®Pro using manometric respirometry and certified that it is completely biodegradable in under 21 days.

Safety for Humans and the Environment – No. PZH/HT-0222/96
National Institute Of Hygiene- Scientific and Research Institute 00-791 Warsaw, ul. Chocimska has certified SINTAN® as non-toxic and deemed it safe for humans and the environment.

Usage in Food Industry – HZ 1741/92 of 07.02.1992
National Institute Of Hygiene- Department of Food Research, Warsaw, ul. Chocimska approved SINTAN® for use in the food industry to remove fat and oil dirt and smears.

DERMATOLOGICAL Test – No. B 20845/4600/09
Specialised Testing Laboratory Ita-Test, Laboratory For Dermatological, Application, Chemical, Cosmetic Products And Household Chemical Testing certified that SINTAN® Pro has no irritating or sensitizing properties. It is well tolerated by the skin and does not produce any irritation or allergic reactions.

SINTAN® Approvals:
• PZH / HT-0222/96 certificate of non-toxicity of the product
• PZH/HŻ-752/92 certificate on admission to trading
• PZH/HŻ-1741/92 certificate on the possibility of use in the food industry
• NATO Stock Number – 7930-43-0006997

    General Cleaning:

    • Spray on contaminated or greasy surface.
    • Wait 2-3 minutes (depending on level of contamination) for the substance to work.
    • After 2-3 minutes, add little water.
    • Gently scrub with a brush.
    • Rinse away with water.
    • Sintan®Pro is more effective on dry surfaces.
    • Sintan®Pro removes all stains caused by oil and petroleum products however in some cases it has been noticed that some old stains caused by heavy overworked oil may remain after the surface has been degreased.