SINTAN®Pro is a safe ecological liquid degreaser, that is biodegradable, has a neutral pH, and is alcohol-free. It effectively removes oils, fats, and grease from all types of surfaces.
For nearly 30 years, Sintan®Pro has kept the composition of its formula with a focus on preserving the environment. That is why Sintan® Pro not only exceeds EU guidelines for Quality and Safety Standards but is also certified and approved for use in the Food Industry, in confined spaces and dermatologically safe.

SINTAN®Pro Technology

  • Disintegrates oil into tiny particles, surrounds it and distributes it evenly in water creating rich conditions for bacterial flora.
  • It does NOT contain any organic solvents or other toxic and dangerous substances
  • SINTAN®Pro thoroughly penetrates the surface bed and removes oil contaminations from deeper layers of porous surfaces
  • SINTAN®Pro biodegrades in a short time (less than 21 days) and meets all EU regulations in this matter
  • SINTAN®Pro does NOT form stable emulsions with oils and petroleum derivatives


    Alcohol Free


    Food Grade


    pH Neutral

    Non Flammable

    SINTAN®Pro is an Unrivaled Degreasing Agent Used by Many Industries

    Oil and Gas

    Shipyards and Marine

    Heavy Equipment

    Petrol Stations

    Car Workshops

    Car Parks

    Our Clients